Johnson, granted in 1782 to Samuel Johnson and others, was chartered as a town in January, 1792; in 1894 the Village of Johnson was incorporated. Nestled in the Lamoille Valley, it is surrounded by mountains and forests and is the meeting place of the Lamoille and Gihon rivers. In it’s beginning, the Gihon was the foundation for much of the water-powered mill economy, but it is also known for its woolen mill and former talc mines.

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The Johnson Historical Society is pleased to announce that Eric Tobin, a highly regarded en plein air landscape artist from Johnson, has generously donated the painting Winters Hush Johnson (37 1/2”x 31 ½”) in support of our Capital Campaign. All of his work is painted outdoors where he captures the seasons of Vermont in real time. Winter, spring, and fall are his favorite times to paint. His painting of the former Bill Holmes Farm in Johnson is a reminder of the area’s agricultural heritage.

Raffle tickets are available at the Holcomb House, at business venues in town, and from members of the Historical Society. The drawing will be held on October 15th. To learn more about the painting and/or to arrange your purchase of raffle tickets for $10 each, leave an inquiry at or contact anyone listed below:

Alice Whiting                        635-7797                     Linda Jones                           635-7401
Margo Warden                     730-2892                     Lois Frey                                635-7826
Peggy Williams                    635-7044                     Aggie or Dean West               635-7431
Tom Carney                         635-7037                     Duncan Hastings                    635-9919
Frank Dodge                        888-3431                     George Pearlman                  635-6979
Jane Marshall                      635-2782                     Joanne Benford                      635- 8915
Dick Simays                         635-7080

Alice Whiting, chair of the Historical Society’s Building Fund added slice #7 of pie to the Capital Campaign pie chart at Town Meeting  on March 7th. Each slice of pie represents $30,000 raised in support of retiring the mortgage on the Holcomb House and supporting future improvements and programs.

Thanks to Sue Lovering for taking the picture.

Use the links below to make a donation, or contact Alice or any of the Historical Society Trustees to learn how you can support this important endeavor.


In 2014, the Town of Johnson purchased the former home and offices of Dr. Lyndhurst P. Holcomb, who practiced medicine in Johnson for 55 years. This important village building is now the new and permanent home of the Johnson Historical Society, in which to make our past come alive for generations of Johnson residents and visitors to come.

Inspired by this strong evidence of the town’s commitment to our shared history, the Johnson Historical Society has launched its first ever capital campaign with the following goals:

•To retire the town’s $250,000 mortgage for the JHS building now named the Dr. Holcomb House, which will serve as the eastern gateway of Johnson village’s newly restored Main Street;

• To underwrite ongoing and new programs and projects the Historical Society may now undertake in its wonderful new home.

Johnson Historical Society
188 Main Street, P.O. Box 383
Johnson, VT 05656
(802) 635-2300

Linda Jones, Town Historian
(802) 635-7401

Doctor Holcomb House Hours
Thursdays 9:00am – 12:00pm
Sundays 1:00pm – 4:00pm

And by appointment:
Dean West         Lois Frey
635-7434           635-7826